#ChronicSex + Re-committing to Self Care

Did you get a chance to participate in or read the Storify of last night's first ever #ChronicSex chat, hosted by this week's podcast guest, Kirsten Schultz, and Mariah Forward? If you didn't, check it out, because we had a great chat about self love and self care, relationships, and gettin' it on.

All our talk about self love and self care got me thinking about how little self care I've actually been doing lately. Since mid-September, I've been feeling worse than I have in about two years, since I was recovering from a "routine procedure" that left my heath upside-down an inside out. Just meeting my basic needs, which I'm not even doing very well, has been taking all of my spoons (energy resources). My self care has not extended much farther than trying to make sure I'm eating at least once or twice a day, taking my medication, staying hydrated, and getting absurd amounts of rest because I don't have much of a choice in the matter.

After spending the last couple weeks feeling extra garbagey, and really down on the ability of the healthcare system to actually help and meet the needs of a patient like me, I've been feeling like there isn't much I can do to make myself feel even a little bit better. It's definitely not done any favors for my self image. But after last night's talk of self care, it occurred to me that maybe a little more self care could at least help make this all a little less terrible.

So today I decided that I'm re-committing to self care. Nothing too wild, I'm starting small with doing at least one nice thing for myself every day. Hopefully it will grow, and help me feel a bit better from there. Last night people talked about skincare as self care, and since I'm now experiencing more dermatological manifestations of EDS than ever before (and seriously, wtf?), I'm giving that a try.

I used moisturizer after taking a shower, which is something I don't usually do because I'm usually ready to tip over and really, really hate having things on my face. I have very sensitive skin, and the nerves in my face hate everything, but as I'm aging, I am seeing the consequences of not taking better care of it. It's not vanity, I'm not particularly concerned that I'm getting wrinkles–thanks to Botox for Chronic Migraine, my forehead is super smooth!–but I can tell it could use some help.

My regimen is restricted by inability to stand up for very long and my bizarro EDS skin reacting to most products, so I mostly stick to Cetaphil's line for sensitive skin. Do you have weird skin, can't stand up for very long, and recommend any products? Share them with me! But if you tell me to use a Clairsonic, I may punch you.

You can hear part one of my conversation with Kirsten Schultz on this week's episode, with part two, about her advocacy and #ChronicSex, airing after the new year!