2016 medX ePatient Storyteller Track

The below projects were produced by Cara Gael O'Regan for the 2016 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Storyteller Track...

bgw for MedX

An experiment in self portraiture as qualitative self tracking to better capture quality of life, which has too often been underrepresented in other self tracking data.

Project UterX

A special podcast project produced by In Sickness + In Health in collaboration with Ask Me About My Uterus and MedX Student Advisor + ePatient Charlie Blotner.

The Stories We Tell

A special podcast episode of In Sickness + In Health, featuring a handful of ePatients, on sharing their own stories and the delicate balance of telling the stories of others.

As a 2016 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar on the Storyteller Track, I was tasked with creating three projects. I used this scholarship opportunity to learn from, compare notes with, and give voice to my fellow ePatients with Project UterX and The Stories We Tell. The third project, bgw for MedX, is a to return to my first love of visual art, while experimenting with new digital tools and exploring visual representations of pain.

In this blog post, you can read all about my excellent adventure attending the MedX conference back in September 2016 at Stanford University School of Medicine.

What is MedX? "Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The initiative explores how emerging technologies will advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. The “X” is meant to encourage thinking beyond numbers and trends—it represents the infinite possibilities for current and future information technologies to improve health. Under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Medicine X is a project of the Stanford AIM Lab."

Learn more about the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar program...